Q: What about the parks; will the grass at the parks continued to be watered?
A: In order to provide safe playable Sports Fields, all parks will be watered to promoted healthy turf.

Q: Who do I call if is see overwatering of City landscaping?
A: The City has created a hotline to report overwatering of City property, please call: 661-286-4011 and after hours: 661-290-2200.

Q: How do I find out about rebates for replacing grass at my home or business?
A: Please contact your local water provider regarding turf replacement rebates/incentives.

Q: Some of the City medians don’t have grass; will these medians continue to receive water?
A: All City median areas that are not grass will continue to be watered in accordance with the current watering restrictions.

Q: Does the City use recycled water for irrigating its landscape?
A: Currently recycled water is not logistically available to support the irrigation of City-owned landscape. The City is ready to switch over a significant portion of our irrigation systems to recycled water once it is available.

Q: Does the City use smart controllers for its landscape watering?
A: The City does use smart controllers for a majority of City maintained landscape and park areas.

Q: Will the City be removing the grass on the medians?
A: Over time, the turf in the medians will be removed and replaced with low water use plants. This effort began this year.

Q: My kids play sports on City park fields; will there continue to be grass on the fields? Does the City have plans to replace the grass with artificial turf?
A: The City will continue to water City maintained sports fields.

Q: The tree on my HOA-maintained hillside died and the City took it out but didn’t replace it, will they replace it?
A: The City will replace trees on a case by case basis depending on location and access to a dependable water source.

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